Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mariners Game and Train Ride

We had a great family day today. Shawn loves the Yankees! He is from CT and grew up watching them and is a huge fan. We were given two tickets to todays game and decided to make it a family day. We purchased 3 more tickets late last week, bought the Sounder Train tickets and headed out to Seattle this morning. The Sounder was a great way to get into Seattle and not have to worry about parking, traffic, etc. It was the first train ride for Kaeden and Kenna. They were thrilled with the whole idea. The 2 tickets Shawn and Kaeden mostly enjoyed were right next to the Yankee dugout -right next to all of the players. The girls and I were able to watch down at their seats for an inning each, so I got 2 innings next to Jeter and A-Rod! I even got a ball tossed up into the stands. The first for me!