Friday, August 12, 2011

Silverwood Day 2

Everyone but me in our family loves roller coasters and spinning rides. I enjoyed watching my family have fun spinning upside down, sideways and every which way!!!!

Silverwood Day 1

We headed East of the mountains this past week to go camping. We camped 3 nights in Moses Lake and then we traveled a little under 3 more hours to Newport, WA and camped for an addition 3 more nights. We were about an hour from the Silverwood Theme Park. We decided to buy the 2 day pass, which was a good thing because we spent a whole day at the water park and an entire day at the amusement park!!!! We had so much fun!!! My kids are not afraid of any of the rides, unlike their mother -ha! I was able to get a few pictures from our water day.

Kaeden ran into his old football teammate and hung out with him for a couple hours at the park!