Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 nights in a row

Fortunately, I don't have pictures. I will preface this... if you read this, please do not share with Kaeden, but it's funny!

Kaeden will randomly talk or yell in his sleep and he doesn't remember any of it the next day. Last night, I was on the computer and my back was turned to the hallway and I hear Kaeden moaning and yelling and then he came out of his room. I turn to see him opening the hall closet door and trying to go potty in the hall closet. I ran as fast as I could and steered him into the bathroom. I asked him about it this morning and he didn't have a clue what I was talking about.

I am currently chuckling to myself again because I just heard a loud thud from Shawn (ended up being Kaeden) smashing through the bathroom door. Shawn was going to the bathroom (I know TMI) and Kaeden comes in and goes to the bathroom in the garbage can. I thought Shawn had accidentally opened the bathroom door to loud. Apparently, Kaeden came barreling in the bathroom and then peed in the garbage making a huge mess all over the bathroom floor. Kaeden is completely sleeping throughout this whole mini fiasco.

Last year, I was laying in bed and I heard Kaeden go into the kitchen. I got out of bed and followed the noises. Kaeden was urinating in the freezer (we have a side by side if you are trying to figure that out).

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I wouldn't trade it for anything

I haven't been posting much lately, not because we aren't doing stuff, but just because we are simply busy.

Between me working 3 mornings a week at our Church Preschool, which, by the way is the best preschool and I truly love working there, getting Kaeden and Kenna off to school, watching a friend of ours son after school 4 days a week, shuttling kids off to soccer practice, Kenna is on Monday and Wednesdays, Kaeden is Tuesday and Thursdays, Kaeden has piano on Thursdays, Church on Wednesday evenings, soccer games on Saturdays, this week Kaeden at 9am and Kenna at noon, well this is a complete run on sentence, but that is kind of how life is at the moment.

Any mom knows this is the life of being a mom and I LOVE IT!!!

I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Throughout all of the busyness, we meet new people, new friends and build relationships that may or may not last, but it's great! I always enjoy it when I can share about our Church and our relationship with Jesus Christ. This past week at Kaeden's soccer practice I was able to discuss with another mom about how Shawn and I have in the past 3 years begun a relationship with Jesus Christ. Without Christ in our life I am not sure where our marriage would be. The Rock of Jesus Christ is so important today and I continue to pray for my family and friends who do not have that relationshiop with Jesus Christ, that one day they will accept Jesus as their Saviour. The Holy Spirit is so powerful, it gives so much hope, even in sadness, like a great family friend who is currently battling cancer. Knowing that one day, he will be with Jesus, probably sooner than we would like, but it's a glorious thought. To be with our Father in Heaven, to be healed, no pain and living forever!

My friends/family reading this that are not believers may not understand the hope in Jesus that we share and how all things work for the glory of God, but we do.

This post is a bunch of randomness, but the thoughts of mine today!

Please pray for our friend, Gary. He recently had surgery to remove the tumor in his stomach, but the cancer was really bad and they were unable to conduct the surgery. Please pray specifically for comfort and peace for his family and that through all of this we glorify God.

We love you GARY! Our hearts are saddened, but we lift you up in prayer every day.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Where's Jack?

We went to the Great Wolf Lodge this weekend for Kaeden's friends birthday. We had a SUPER time. There were 4 boys, my girls and a couple other siblings (2, 11 year old girls). Three sets of parents went along to keep track of everyone. The kids loved the the rides, the wave pools, and the basketball hoops in the pool. Kenna loved the fact she was able to touch in the basketball area of the pool. Kendyl would bob around in a life jacket. You may ask why I chose the "Where's Jack" title for this post. One of the boys who came along without his parents is Jack. And Jack would kind of sort of wander a little and and the most common saying of the weekend was, "Where's Jack?"

Alex, Kaeden and JACK

Sunday, September 13, 2009

silver & gold

Well, just silver. The three fish on the right are the silvers Kaeden and my dad caught this morning, the other three are humpies. We had a filet of silver tonight, it was tasty!

Dad and Kaeden with their catch!
Kaeden and dad with their catch of the day!

Dad cleaning the fish.

Kaeden proud of his fish.

the big catch

My mom and and dad took Kaeden out in the bay fishing at 5am this morning. I just got this picture e-mailed to me from my mom's cell phone. They called and woke us up and were so excited and yelled for us to check our e-mail. Waiting for me is this picture.

For those of you who are not around here, it's a silver salmon. A BIG ONE! wahoo! 15-20lbs, the biggest silver my dad's ever brought in, or shall I correct myself, my dad and kaeden. Apparently my 60lb son was realing in this bad boy and doing all the work, then a sea lion decided to make this silver it's breakfast. My dad took over and the adrenaline was pumping! My dad had to get the fish in the boat before the seal's breakfast. I guess it was so much fun, my mom said she wishes she had a video camera it was that exciting. I spoke with Kaeden on the phone and he is just pumped!

It is 8 am and the ice chest is full of fish ~ that's a great morning of fishing!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Go Pink Panthers!

Kenna's first soccer game of her career!!!!! We were lucky this morning, Kaeden's game was at 9 and Kenna's at 11. Shawn and I were both able to make it to both games - yipee! No dividing and conquering today. Kenna did great. She ran her little heart out. We had Mt. Baker in the back

Go Dragons!

Kaeden played in his first soccer game for the season today.

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SEPTEMBER MORNING! We played in Snohomish. We had hot air balloons flying over head, sky divers coming down around, a light fog, fields surrounded by corn fields and a warm sun!

The boys got a little distracted a few times, but they played an outstanding game. The passing was phenomenal for a bunch of 7 year old boys. The coach really works on the fundamentals and it really shows. Post game sweat!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Kenna's first day of Kindergarten

BIG DAY!!! Kenna had her first day of kindergarten yesterday. Kenna will be in all day kindgergarten, 5 days a week. She was tired yesterday when she got home. Kaeden now has a huge responsibility on his hands. I will drop them off at school and Kaeden gets to walk her to her class, get her lunch out of her backpack for her (I am giving him some big bro duties), makes sure she gets into her line and then he goes to his class at the opposite end of the school. Her favorite part of her first day was recess. Same response I get from Kaeden. Kendyl was upset and crying this morning because she wanted to go to her school today, but she only has it 3 days a week. Kenna and her friend, Hannah from pre-k.
Getting right to work!

My mom came over before school to give her a big hug and kiss before kindergarten. She did the same thing for Kaeden on his first day of kingertan too. Thanks grammers!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kaeden's First day of 2nd Grade

Kaeden's first day!

Kendyl's 1st day of Preschool

Kendyl had her first day of preschool today!!! She was so excited. Our church opened a preschool this fall and I will be working in the classroom. Our baby girl is growing up!

A Feast

When family visits from out of state, we feast on:
All you can eat dungeness crab
smoked salmon
barbecued extra small oysters
black cod
cheesy potatoes
cheesey bread
yummy desserts made by my mom

Saturday, September 5, 2009

the fair

We went to the Evergreen State Fair today and one of Kenna's friend, Max came with us. We had a great time. No lines for the rides, it was perfect!