Sunday, August 30, 2009


My sister, dad and I put on a surprise birthday party for mom this weekend at my Aunt Vivi and Uncle Mike's house (THANK YOU MIKE & VIVI). It was really fun because she was actually surprised. We had our family come for a so called bbq for her birthday at 4:00 and then the friends arrived at 4:45, so my mom didn't see any extra cars. You can see more pics from my twin/best friend/sister's blog (best friend/sis, you are going to have to remind how to do the click here and it links to you without the whole url.) s is hot! I carried it outside and man it give off some heat!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mom's Birthday

My mom and dad came over tonight to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday. Pat, my brother-in-law and the kids came down to celebrate with us. We had dinner which was really good according to my nephew.

This is how I know:
Uncle Pat whispers to Ty, "Tell Auntie the dinner is really good."
Ty says, "Auntie the dinner is really good."
Auntie (me) replies, "Ty, I am so glad you like the dinner."
Ty responded, "I'm not eating the dinner!"
It was funny! We enjoyed each other. My kids were so excited to get Grammers a pretty bracelet. They couldn't wait until Grammers came over. Happy Birthday Mom!
Kaeden wearing the crown!

WWF anyone?

"Oh my!"

Ty enjoying being a princess!

Tater loves to read books. She will point and say book and then bring the book to you and then you must read for a very long time! We love it!
Mom and Tater Bug!

Kendyl being silly with some crooked glasses or her ear are uneven - who knows?

Being Silly!

Happy 50th Birthday MOM!

Happy Birthday Mom!

We love you Grammers!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Humpies are in!

Fishing with Papa!

We Rejoice

Before her surgery and quite a bit jaundice. After surgery. No more yellow!

We had Kenna's follow up appointment for her splenectomy on Friday. They checked Kennadi's blood count. She has a new base line for everything now - YEAH!!!

With Spleen:

Bili: Range from 11-29
Retic: Range from 8-29
Without Spleen:
Hct: 40.8 (now it's on the high end, no more anemia)
Bili: 2.2
Retic: .9

We are thrilled with the results. The doctors knew her bili levels would decrease, but they weren't sure how much because she was always so high. Kenna is so excited that the whites of her eyes are actually white. Her energy levels have definitely increased, which is good because she will be in all day kindergarten this year.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

We went hiking today at Twin Falls off I-90. It was great, all 3 kids made it! Shawn starts back to work next week, so we are trying to take advantage of our time together and this wonderful weather we are having.