Thursday, July 30, 2009


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Kayak Point with the Conklin's (minus Jen)
Shawn and Zach getting some drift wood for the kids to float on.



Kendyl and Harrison

Friday, July 24, 2009

Surgery Complete

Kenna came home from the hospital this afternoon. The surgery went very well, everything went as planned and expected. When Kenna had her gallbladder removed when she was 3, she didn't have much pain. This time it was a little different. They have a pain scale for kids with happy faces for 0's and it goes up to 10 with a sad face and tears. There were a couple times when she was an 8 and she had tears with the pain. Last night was a little rough. She woke up at 2am and she was in a lot pain, she hadn't really ate much and was given the oxycodone which then made her sick. She threw up some and it took her awhile to feel okay. But, we are home now and she is feeling so much better. We want to thank everyone for the prayers, e-mails, phone calls, visits at the hospital and at our house, dinner and the thoughtful gifts.

Our neighbors, Mark and Chris brought over some fun super large coloring books and princess accessories. The girls loved it!
When get got home today, our friends, Max and Erin left this adorable welcome home sign. We love you guys!

Before surgery
This picture is a little out of order. I realized I forgot to download and I am having a challenge getting it further down on the blog. Kaeden and Kenna.

Getting ready for surgery

Auntie Kelsey and Kenna. My mom and sister were at the hospital with us before, during and after the surgery.

My mom and Kenna.

I was able to carry her back to the operating room. It's amazing how many patients they serve. They have 14 operating rooms. The nurses and doctors were all so nice. I like that they don't put the IV in until they are under anesthesia, it makes it so much nicer.

This picture is dark, but as Kenna was getting wheeled from recovery to her room, there was visiting clowns walking the halls. I am not sure if she remembers them.

Just getting into her room.

A visit from little sis.

Kendyl checking out the 4 incisions. She wasn't too sure about them.

The Conklin's brought over a teddy bear before we left for the hospital on Wednesday. She hugged that bear a lot during her hospital stay. It was so soft and cuddly.

My grandma Savage (Cyrene Savage) passed away almost 2 years ago and all of the donations were sent to Children's Hospital. There is a Memorial Wall and it has Grandma's name on it. Shawn found the wall.

A visit from Erin and Max. They brought glow sticks, which were way cool when it was dark in the hospital room. They brought Kenna some new stuffed animals and a couple fun art projects.

Happy to be discharged!

She had just received some oxycodone and tylenol before being discharged. She was trying to wheel herself around while we were waiting for her take home prescriptions.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dart Tag

Shawn loves to join the kids with a little game of dart tag every now and then. The second picture is a little dark, but Shawn is all geared up for the fight.

Kendyl enjoying fresh raspberries.

Surgery Time

We found out what time Kenna's surgery is tomorrow. She will have her surgery at 11:30 if everything is on schedule at the hospital tomorrow. I was supposed to work tonight, but after Kenna's anxiety over the surgery, my boss allowed me to stay home tonight. I am so relieved. If you think about it, please say a little prayer for Kenna, she is scared and nervous.
This picture is a little small, but it was taken 2 years ago right before her gallbladder surgery. We will see if being 2 years older makes a difference.

Monday, July 20, 2009


I apologize there aren't any pictures with this post.
It is 9:50 PM and Kendyl is still AWAKE!!! She had a nap today, so she is completely awake!!!!!!!
I have had a challenging night tonight, Shawn is out with the guys and I am home by myself with the kiddos. I let the kids stay up a little later than the norm tonight, 8:30ish. I read the stories, sang them each their songs and then ... poof... the night just began.
Kenna started crying hysterically about having her surgery. So, we prayed for God's comfort and then she started crying again. She asked me to pray again. It's so nice to hear a child ask for more prayer. So, we prayed. Then, we had to call daddy, she wanted daddy now. Kendyl at this point is running around like a chicken with its head cut off. The puppy decided to chew on Kenna's new shoes and this is all happening at once! I was a little overwhelmed. Shawn suggested letting both of them go to sleep in our bed. Oh boy, the girls were loud! Kenna was tired, she really just needed to sleep.
Kenna finally falls asleep...
Kendyl decides she is going to sleep on the floor. I let her because she is so wound up at this point, she really wouldn't last long on the floor. Kendyl came out of her room and she says she has to go potty (#2). I told her to holler when she is done. I was sitting at the computer and I hear her talking, I asked her if she was done and she yelled back, "No, I am just praying for Kenna's surgery. She has to have her spleen removed!" (if you know Kendyl, she kind of talks with a northeastern accent, it sounded adorable!)
Okay, first thought... Thank you Jesus!
Second... wow... my 3 year old doesn't quite understand Kenna's surgery, but knows to pray about it and she comprehended that she is going to have her spleen removed even though she doesn't know what a spleen is.
Third... Kenna has been hiding her anxiety and it has finally built up and she needs our prayers, a lot more than I thought.
Fourth... Thank you Jesus! Prayer is such a comfort. He is our Comforter! I am just thankful we can turn to God and pray and He does give us peace and comfort when we need it.
It is now 10:02 and Kendyl is still awake... standing in the hallway. ugh!
You may ask where is Kaeden throughout all of this? He was cozy in his bed sleeping!
10:05... I can still hear her!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flynn Family Fun Night with the Conklin's

Okay, so we promised Kenna (all of the kids) we would have Flynn Family Fun Night before her surgery because we haven't had one in awhile. The other day, I realized the only night we could do it was on Sunday night due to my work schedule, Kenna's pre-arranged sleepovers at Grammers/Papas & GiGi/Old Papas, and gymnastics. Tonight we had our Flynn Family Fun Night with our best friends, the Conklin Family. We love them! Jen, Harrison and Zoe were able to make it, Zach was at work and Brooke was at her Grandparents for special time, but we still enjoyed each other tremendously. Before the evening started, Shawn took the kids to pick out a movie at BB. They played outside until the Conklins arrived and rang the doorbell with tickets in hand for the fun night. The menu for tonight was make your own pizza. Each kid, even the big kids go to make their own pizza. We played a never ending game of Uno, the kids wrestling and playing together. IT WAS A GREAT EVENING!