Sunday, November 15, 2009


My Camera is broken.
What a weekend for it to be broken. We had a lot of kodak moments this weekend. Our Saturday schedule was this:
9AM Kaeden's soccer game in Lake Stevens
Noon Kenna's soccer game in Marysville
1:00 Birthday party, which actually started at 12:30, but we were late because of soccer
2:00 End of Season Soccer Party for Kaeden
4:00 End of Season Soccer Party for Kenna
I would have loved to have taken pictures of their last games and each of them receiving their trophies. Both of the kids soccer coaches invited the whole team and their families to their house for the party.
We ate so much junk throughout the day... birthday cake... pizza... ice cream sundaes... hot dogs... hamburgers and all the fixings... chips... dip... cupcakes... cookies... pop... and more.
Today Shawn and I started off with stomach aches, so we weren't sure what was going on so we stayed home from Sunday School. By the time we needed to decide whether or not we were going to church, we felt much better. We weren't sure what the tummy aches were from???
Going to church on Sunday mornings is such a great way to start off the week. Our Worship Team is fabulous and they sing such great songs that speak right to the heart and praise God. Pastor's Message today was on the wife's/woman's role. I enjoyed listening to it and getting a better understanding of being a submissive wife... not an inferior wife.. but knowing my role as a wife and to be a helper to my husband. We were created for a purpose and it is to support and give our husband the authority. I did not grow up hearing the word of God and this concept has been hard for me to grasp. This has definitely been a challenge to me because I am so strongwilled and have a dominant personality, but I am learning and praying how to be a godly wife to my husband.
We ended our Sunday, by heading up to my sis's house in Anacortes for my nephew's 3 Birthday Party!!!! Ty was adorable. He was so excited about his party. Being around family is so nice, the kids all enjoyed playing with each other. More good food... ugh! I think I am going to have to buy bigger pants.
Have a wonderful week!

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