Sunday, June 20, 2010

out of the mouth of...

Kendyl is going to be my little evangelist. She loves to sing about God and Jesus. I ask her if she made up the songs or if she has heard them before and she tells me that she has heard them before. So, thinking maybe they are from church, I ask where again and she tells me that they are in her head and she has sung them in her head before.

I was in the bathroom listening to her take a shower and this was her song in a cute little out of tune voice:

" I love Jesus and God. Jesus died, but he is alive in heaven. Jesus and God are in my heart. I listen to God. I say, may I please have that toy, that's what I say. Hallelujah. I like to listen to God."

I can't quite remember all of the words because it went on for about 10 minutes.

Another out of the mouth of Kendyl:

The girls spent the night with my parents on Friday night. I picked up the girls and we were driving in the car talking about where they slept. Whether they slept in their own beds or with Grammers (my dad will sleep in the guest bedroom when the girls sleep with my mom). Kenna said she started out in her own bed, but got scared and went into grammer's bed. Kendyl casually said that she doesn't get scared because she knows God and Jesus are always with her.


  1. This makes my heart warm. I love you and you have some very amazing children!


  2. That is both Eli and Dakota. Singing made up songs in that cute out of tune voice.

  3. Thanks for sharing the blessing. It is so great that you are writing this down so that the kids be reminded as they grow older.