Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beg, Borrow AND...


I started couponing in September. It took me awhile to get the hang of it and I am still figuring out all the ins and outs. I get coupon thrills! My sister is now joining the couponing world. It's fun to share our exciting cheap deals!
I went to Albertsons today and they had their doubler coupons. I was able to get the doubler coupons from wonderful family and friends that don't coupon - THANK YOU!!!!

Here is my shopping trip:

6 Orville Reddenbacher Popcorn
6 2liters of Soda
2 Hefty freezer storage bags
3 (50 count) Paper Plates
2 Old El Paso Refried Beansd
4 Pace Salsa
4 Campbells Healthy Harvest/Chunky Soup

Total OOP: $9.79  I saved $60.44 with a savings of 86%

I know there are people that probably can do better, but it is still really fun!


  1. That is amazing!!! Nice work sis! I wish we had an Albertsons so I can double and get such good deals!

  2. Oh how I Love to see this!!!! You go girl!!! Glad u are saving your family money. Hope to see you this summer...did you already make reservations?