Saturday, October 24, 2009

the other night

It was so nice the other night. Kaeden has always been my big non fiction reader. Ever since he was a little guy, he would rather us read and now he reads a Children's Dictionary or encyclopedia of some sort than fiction books. Don't get me wrong, we have definitely read our fair share of Berenstain Bears and Arthur books, but the preference has been non fiction. His teachers have told us this too. Recently, Kaeden is beginning to enjoy reading fiction books. He spent over 45 minutes at this sitting to finish Geronimo Stilton.
At the same time, the girls were doing a Highlights Search and Find that we get monthly. It was so nice to have all the kids engaged in a quiet activity. It was a peaceful and I enjoyed watching the kids.
This picture isn't the greatest, but it caught the moment!

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  1. I love Geronimo Stilton books too! They are so funny and engaging for little kids...even teachers! Don't you love quiet activities, I think the Swapps are a few years away from that.