Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A couple friends, my sister and her friend headed up to Jungle Playland last week. It was a lot of fun. Kendyl and I were the only ones from our family that went because it was a school day for Kaeden and Kenna. Kendyl had a blast. Kaeden and Kenna didn't realize we went until they saw the pictures and they were a little mad that we went without them.
Kendyl convinced Amy to go down the fast twisty slide with her! Thanks Amy!
I cut her off in the picture some, but it shows how much fun she was having!

Jen & Faith
Kendyl coming down the black hole and loving it!
Ty enjoyed the colorful balls to jump in. It was nice going on a Monday because it was nice a quiet and the kids just go to play!
Jen having fun!
Kendyl again!
Grace scootin' down the end of the slide!
Faith flying down the big blue slide!

Caleb enjoying the playing in the balls too!
Tater bug!


  1. ahahahahaha
    I was laughing so hard looking at those pictures :) Thank you for posting them. I was hoping someone would get to it before me...I have a long list going :)
    love you kayla!

  2. thank you for the pictures!!! I copied some of them!!! :)

  3. Great pictures! Thanks for inviting us to join, we had a great time!