Thursday, May 20, 2010

Let's play ball

Kaeden has enjoyed playing baseball this season. Shawn is coaching him, which he loves! I think Shawn likes it just as much as Kaeden. One of the other assistant coaches is one of Kaeden's really good friends dad.
Kaeden playing third base and another good friend from the other team, Malackhi on third.
This season is coach pitch. Shawn pitching!
Enjoying the game!

Kaeden & Peyton
The boys and their dads!
Kaeden playing catcher. He looked good behind the plate. It's really cute because if the ball rolls in front of the plate, the kids can't see down past the catcher's gear and can't see the ball.

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  1. Great pictures of Kaeden, you can definitely tell he his so into baseball and loves it!