Sunday, September 13, 2009

the big catch

My mom and and dad took Kaeden out in the bay fishing at 5am this morning. I just got this picture e-mailed to me from my mom's cell phone. They called and woke us up and were so excited and yelled for us to check our e-mail. Waiting for me is this picture.

For those of you who are not around here, it's a silver salmon. A BIG ONE! wahoo! 15-20lbs, the biggest silver my dad's ever brought in, or shall I correct myself, my dad and kaeden. Apparently my 60lb son was realing in this bad boy and doing all the work, then a sea lion decided to make this silver it's breakfast. My dad took over and the adrenaline was pumping! My dad had to get the fish in the boat before the seal's breakfast. I guess it was so much fun, my mom said she wishes she had a video camera it was that exciting. I spoke with Kaeden on the phone and he is just pumped!

It is 8 am and the ice chest is full of fish ~ that's a great morning of fishing!

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