Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 nights in a row

Fortunately, I don't have pictures. I will preface this... if you read this, please do not share with Kaeden, but it's funny!

Kaeden will randomly talk or yell in his sleep and he doesn't remember any of it the next day. Last night, I was on the computer and my back was turned to the hallway and I hear Kaeden moaning and yelling and then he came out of his room. I turn to see him opening the hall closet door and trying to go potty in the hall closet. I ran as fast as I could and steered him into the bathroom. I asked him about it this morning and he didn't have a clue what I was talking about.

I am currently chuckling to myself again because I just heard a loud thud from Shawn (ended up being Kaeden) smashing through the bathroom door. Shawn was going to the bathroom (I know TMI) and Kaeden comes in and goes to the bathroom in the garbage can. I thought Shawn had accidentally opened the bathroom door to loud. Apparently, Kaeden came barreling in the bathroom and then peed in the garbage making a huge mess all over the bathroom floor. Kaeden is completely sleeping throughout this whole mini fiasco.

Last year, I was laying in bed and I heard Kaeden go into the kitchen. I got out of bed and followed the noises. Kaeden was urinating in the freezer (we have a side by side if you are trying to figure that out).

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  1. Bahahahah!!!
    He cracks me up. That is hysterical. I guess its better not to remember these actions.
    I missed you tonight.