Sunday, September 27, 2009

I wouldn't trade it for anything

I haven't been posting much lately, not because we aren't doing stuff, but just because we are simply busy.

Between me working 3 mornings a week at our Church Preschool, which, by the way is the best preschool and I truly love working there, getting Kaeden and Kenna off to school, watching a friend of ours son after school 4 days a week, shuttling kids off to soccer practice, Kenna is on Monday and Wednesdays, Kaeden is Tuesday and Thursdays, Kaeden has piano on Thursdays, Church on Wednesday evenings, soccer games on Saturdays, this week Kaeden at 9am and Kenna at noon, well this is a complete run on sentence, but that is kind of how life is at the moment.

Any mom knows this is the life of being a mom and I LOVE IT!!!

I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Throughout all of the busyness, we meet new people, new friends and build relationships that may or may not last, but it's great! I always enjoy it when I can share about our Church and our relationship with Jesus Christ. This past week at Kaeden's soccer practice I was able to discuss with another mom about how Shawn and I have in the past 3 years begun a relationship with Jesus Christ. Without Christ in our life I am not sure where our marriage would be. The Rock of Jesus Christ is so important today and I continue to pray for my family and friends who do not have that relationshiop with Jesus Christ, that one day they will accept Jesus as their Saviour. The Holy Spirit is so powerful, it gives so much hope, even in sadness, like a great family friend who is currently battling cancer. Knowing that one day, he will be with Jesus, probably sooner than we would like, but it's a glorious thought. To be with our Father in Heaven, to be healed, no pain and living forever!

My friends/family reading this that are not believers may not understand the hope in Jesus that we share and how all things work for the glory of God, but we do.

This post is a bunch of randomness, but the thoughts of mine today!

Please pray for our friend, Gary. He recently had surgery to remove the tumor in his stomach, but the cancer was really bad and they were unable to conduct the surgery. Please pray specifically for comfort and peace for his family and that through all of this we glorify God.

We love you GARY! Our hearts are saddened, but we lift you up in prayer every day.

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  1. Much better Kay, I can read it now. What a great post even thought it made my cry. Love you!