Wednesday, February 17, 2010

beyond his years

My son just cracks me up sometimes. He has a great sense of humor and get things, for the most part. I was just laying down with him before he fell asleep and he told me that I was his best valentines present and the best he will ever have. I told him he will have really nice valentines when he has a wife. I then proceeded to tell him that he is to love his wife as Jesus loves the Church. He looked at me weird and said what do you mean? I kind of condensed it by saying that Jesus loves us unconditionally and that is what he is to do for his future wife. He responded by saying, "I am just going to stay single!" This just cracked me up.


  1. Kaeden definately has become quite a little man! He was so thoughtful while answering questions during bible study tonight.....and he did something else just to give us a laugh! Hopefully I'll remember to tell you about it :)

  2. Kaeden's a smart boy! Tell Kaeden he better stay single until he is at least 35 and the only women in his life are his mom, auntie, sister and grandmas!