Sunday, February 28, 2010


Oh, sometimes I realized we have enabled Kaeden. He is our first born, so we tend to not grasp when he should be able to do things on his own and insist on him doing those things himself. He was hungry the other morning and wanted an eggo waffle. I told him to go ahead and put one in himself. He kind of freaked and I told him I would walk him through the steps. We have a toaster oven, so it's a little more dangerous than just sticking it in the toaster and pushing down the lever. Kaeden put the waffle in, turned the dial and then just stood there watching until the ding. It was funny because I told him he could just come and get it when the timer went off, but he preferred watching...

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  1. You enabled your first born? What, I would never do that...hehe! What a sweet picture. I love that "little big" boy!