Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quality Time

There is not a picture for this post.

I do not do a very good job of spending quality time with each child individually like I should. As a family we play board games, dance to music, do activities together, but not much with each child. I get a lot of quality time with Kendyl because she is the baby and I don't work on Mondays and Fridays, so we get that time. Kennadi and Kaeden on the other hand kind of get shafted. But, tonight was a special for me, even though it was just simple. The girls were sick tonight and Shawn stayed home with them instead of going to church. I got to bring Kaeden to church with me tonight. It was just me and him in the car, 15 minutes both ways. It was GREAT! It sounds simple and rather boring for quality time, but car conversations can be thought provoking and questions can be asked more easily. Kaeden sat right behind my seat, he usually sits in the back and we just chatted all the way to and from church. He told me if he has a lot of money when he gets older from playing in the NFL that he was going to give money to people that don't have a house so they can have a house. I asked him if he couldn't be an NFL player what would he do? ---- become a professional soccer player. Okay, but what if you didn't play a sport, what job would you choose? Kaeden responded by saying, "hmm... that's a good question.... Well, I guess I would be a builder. I like to build things and then I can just build the houses for people who don't have one."

On the way home we talked about school, his friends, his Birthday coming up in May (never too early to discuss the party), the fact that I am 22 years older than him and he thinks that I am the youngest of my friends (thank you Kaeden!).

It was really nice. I need to figure out things that I can do with each of my kids and do it on a more regular basis. It does my heart good and it probably does their heart good too!


  1. I love this post! It is a great reminder to me to turn off the radio and talk to my kids while we are in the car. We are always driving around town and what a perfect time to chat with the little ones. They can't escape or run away to play with their friends. I remember some of the best conversations I had with my parents were in the car. These special moments won't happen, though, if we don't turn off the radio and start talking. Thank you Kayla for this reminder!

  2. You made me tear up, thanks! I love that you got some time with your "little man."