Saturday, April 17, 2010

The brother Kaeden won't have

Last year, I watched a friends little guy quite frequently and yesterday I got to watch him for the day. He is so cute and has a great personality! All my kids love it when he is here, especially Kaeden. Kaeden wants another baby, which we aren't going to have. So, when Landon comes over he get to chase and wrestle with Landon. Here are some pics of him yesterday!
I was in the kitchen making some food and I could hear Landon, but couldn't see him. This is where I found him... in the dog crate!

Happy as can be!

This was so adorable. Kaeden was laying on the floor and Landon saw it and so he hurried over and layed down next to Kaeden, to lay just like him. It was so cute!


  1. I love the pictures....I copied all of them...THANK YOU!!! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing. It is so nice that the kids all love each other and that Landon is so happy when he stays with you.

  3. I LOVE Kaedens shirt :) Love you!