Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kendyl's Day

I think Kendyl had a great birthday today. It seems as though her birthday celebration has been over a week, with her party on Friday, presents on Sunday, shopping with grammers last night and today, her actual birthday! Her day started off by her grandmas calling her and singing Happy Birthday to her. At preschool, when it's your birthday you are the "Star of the Day" and you get to bring snack (cupcakes!) and show and tell. Kendyl was really excited. The best preschool teacher ever, Miss Amy, does a great job with getting each kid a birthday balloon and their crown and they get to pick a couple prizes out of the birthday prize box. Kendyl brought her new Zhu Zhu pet with her today for show and tell. After school, Kendyl got to go shopping with Gigi (her great grandma) for a birthday present. We had dinner at Gigi's tonight with my mom and dad. It was fun!

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  1. Too cute! I meant to call today and wish my cousin a happy birthday...bah! Maybe tomorrow and I can wish her a belated birthday?

    Love you and miss you!