Saturday, June 6, 2009

Chainsaws... Axe... Shovels... tree trunks...

We have a large hedge/tree/shrub thing between our house and our neighbors and it blocked the long driveway next to our house. I am always afraid that cars will not see our kids playing and my kids cannot always see the cars. SO... we decided to take her down. There were 3 different trees with large tree type trunks with serious roots. Shawn and I dug out the tree trunks for 4 hours today. Our neighbors didn't think we would be able to get it done today and we did!!!

Before (Shawn loves it when I take pictures)After (our neighbors house to the left) Our little helpers


  1. Man, you guys cleaned house! Nice looks much better! You could plant some nice flowers there.. :)

  2. Shawn looks so manly with a chainsaw. You Flynn's are always doing something to your house, you go! It looks good.