Friday, June 12, 2009

Girls, just wanna have fun!

Today, the girls and I ran to Sally Beauty Supply and they each were able to pick out their own nail decorations. My camera isn't really good at taking up close pictures, but I thought I would at least try. It's really funny because after I just got done painting Kendyl's nails, she went over to her blankie and tried sucking her thumb. It doesn't taste too good. I am not a girly girl, but it sure is fun having the girls enjoy being girly girls at times.


  1. And now you will forever be asked to do their nails. My girls ask me at least once a week, ugh! Do the math, four girls x 10 fingers and 10 toes = a very tired mommy. But it does look so adorable, how can you say no.

  2. I love your last two post titles, it puts those songs in my head! Fun, I can't wait to paint Taters nails. We miss you all, hopefully we will see you Sunday!

  3. I am SUCH a girlie girl. HA!
    I just painted the girls nails last Monday for the first time. It was soooo cute. They both sat there and let me do it.
    I love it. They have cute little toes.