Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Heat Wave

You know we are having a heat wave in the Pacific Northwest when your two girls are walking to pick up their big brother from school in their dripping wet bathing suits (gotta love the innocence). It hit 90 today, and yesterday - wow! We typically see this type of weather in August. And for my friends that live in the South, we usually don't have air conditioning either. We are fortunate that my grandparents and my parents do have ac, and if we need it we can go and chill at their house.

I am totally stealing this from MckMama, the Not Me Mondays. I would never tell my daughter to just pee standing on top of the sprinkler instead of drying her off to come in and go to the bathroom. And she would never yell on the top of her lungs that she needs to go pee guys, let me pee on the sprinkler.

Monday we went to the park with the Weeks family and Tuesday we met them at a water spray park. It was fun, I am glad the elementary kids are still in school because I am sure it would be crazy if the older kids were there.
I included a picture of Kenna on the balance beam at gymnastics. She loves going to gymnastics, looks forward to Mondays every week. Our friends also go to gymnastics, and Zoe, their oldest and Kaeden were playing together during class and I was able to get a cute picture of those two.

We are completely enjoying this weather, I can't complain it's definitely better than the rain.

We have decided a date for Kennadi's splenectomy. She will have surgery on July 22nd. She received the last immunization she needed before her surgery today. She is happy that she isn't going to miss VBS or as she call is PBS.

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  1. That is so funny about Kendyl peeing on the sprinkler. Cute pics, that water park looks fun!