Friday, July 24, 2009

Surgery Complete

Kenna came home from the hospital this afternoon. The surgery went very well, everything went as planned and expected. When Kenna had her gallbladder removed when she was 3, she didn't have much pain. This time it was a little different. They have a pain scale for kids with happy faces for 0's and it goes up to 10 with a sad face and tears. There were a couple times when she was an 8 and she had tears with the pain. Last night was a little rough. She woke up at 2am and she was in a lot pain, she hadn't really ate much and was given the oxycodone which then made her sick. She threw up some and it took her awhile to feel okay. But, we are home now and she is feeling so much better. We want to thank everyone for the prayers, e-mails, phone calls, visits at the hospital and at our house, dinner and the thoughtful gifts.

Our neighbors, Mark and Chris brought over some fun super large coloring books and princess accessories. The girls loved it!
When get got home today, our friends, Max and Erin left this adorable welcome home sign. We love you guys!

Before surgery
This picture is a little out of order. I realized I forgot to download and I am having a challenge getting it further down on the blog. Kaeden and Kenna.

Getting ready for surgery

Auntie Kelsey and Kenna. My mom and sister were at the hospital with us before, during and after the surgery.

My mom and Kenna.

I was able to carry her back to the operating room. It's amazing how many patients they serve. They have 14 operating rooms. The nurses and doctors were all so nice. I like that they don't put the IV in until they are under anesthesia, it makes it so much nicer.

This picture is dark, but as Kenna was getting wheeled from recovery to her room, there was visiting clowns walking the halls. I am not sure if she remembers them.

Just getting into her room.

A visit from little sis.

Kendyl checking out the 4 incisions. She wasn't too sure about them.

The Conklin's brought over a teddy bear before we left for the hospital on Wednesday. She hugged that bear a lot during her hospital stay. It was so soft and cuddly.

My grandma Savage (Cyrene Savage) passed away almost 2 years ago and all of the donations were sent to Children's Hospital. There is a Memorial Wall and it has Grandma's name on it. Shawn found the wall.

A visit from Erin and Max. They brought glow sticks, which were way cool when it was dark in the hospital room. They brought Kenna some new stuffed animals and a couple fun art projects.

Happy to be discharged!

She had just received some oxycodone and tylenol before being discharged. She was trying to wheel herself around while we were waiting for her take home prescriptions.


  1. Oh Kayla that must have been awful. I can't imagine having to go through that. I freak out when my kids have a cold. You are such a good mom, your kids are so lucky.

  2. I think the picture of Kenna and her Auntie is the cutest picture ever! Ha, just kidding! Love you all!

  3. Yeah, I'm glad to hear everything went ok! :)

  4. Hi Kenna..we love you and have been thinking of you. Hope that you are feeling better now. You are such a brave girl! Lots of love, hugs and kisses.

    Love Uncle Mike, Aunt Vivian, Laura and Lisa

  5. Being in the hospital with your child is not a fun experience, but thank goodness it went so well for you guys! So happy that Kenna is doing so well.