Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4 bikes. 1 jogger stroller. 4 kids. a puppy. 2 adults

Yesterday, we went on the Centennial Trail for a bike ride with the kids and one of Kaeden's friends, Prestin came along. It was comical getting ready because we don't have a bike rack. We ended up squeezing the bikes, the jogger stroller in my van and Shawn's car. Fortunately, at this point Shawn and I didn't ride a bike, but walked. We had to bring the jogger because Kendyl only has a little bike and we knew she would get tired easily with those little wheels and we just pulled her trike to the side, plunked her in the stroller and kept going. I was able to jog a little with Kendyl in the stroller or with our puppy. I much rather work out with the kids playing than go to the gym and workout inside. There is a little lake with a dock that goes out into the water, the boys tried skipping rocks (but it's kind of hard to skip rocks with non skipping rocks, but they tried - it was cute). Yesterday afternoon, we went to Target and bought Kendyl a new bike with training wheels - YEAH!!!

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