Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

Happy 4th of July!
Today was another beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest, couldn't have asked for anything nicer. We spent the 4th at my Aunt and Uncles house on the water. We got to take a little jaunt on the boat, eat some good grub, the guys lit off fireworks, bocce ball tournamet, did I mention eating? I always enjoy spending time with family. The kids went to bed around 11 and I am sitting here listening to all of the fireworks still exploding around town. My Aunt Janet and Aunt Vivian with my girls.

Watching the fireworks all around the beaches

Aunt Janet, Anut Carol, my mom and Aunt Vivian

My Mom and Aunt Carol

Aunt Vivian and Kenna

Kendyl and Aunt Janet

Cousin Chad jumping into the bay - brrrr! He said it wasn't too bad.

Shawn & Kaeden
My beautiful Mom

Goofy Kaeden

Kenna (I apologize for some of the pictures, it was set to the wrong setting)


  1. Love the new layout! Don't you just love hanging out on a boat, enjoying the sun, spending time with family, AND eating food!! Me too.

  2. FYI.. last comment was from Alyssa.. not sure why it populated Kyle's name... :)

  3. I am so bummed we missed out on the family again. That's exciting Kenna lost a tooth! Love you and miss you all we will see you soon!