Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flynn Family Fun Night with the Conklin's

Okay, so we promised Kenna (all of the kids) we would have Flynn Family Fun Night before her surgery because we haven't had one in awhile. The other day, I realized the only night we could do it was on Sunday night due to my work schedule, Kenna's pre-arranged sleepovers at Grammers/Papas & GiGi/Old Papas, and gymnastics. Tonight we had our Flynn Family Fun Night with our best friends, the Conklin Family. We love them! Jen, Harrison and Zoe were able to make it, Zach was at work and Brooke was at her Grandparents for special time, but we still enjoyed each other tremendously. Before the evening started, Shawn took the kids to pick out a movie at BB. They played outside until the Conklins arrived and rang the doorbell with tickets in hand for the fun night. The menu for tonight was make your own pizza. Each kid, even the big kids go to make their own pizza. We played a never ending game of Uno, the kids wrestling and playing together. IT WAS A GREAT EVENING!

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