Monday, July 20, 2009


I apologize there aren't any pictures with this post.
It is 9:50 PM and Kendyl is still AWAKE!!! She had a nap today, so she is completely awake!!!!!!!
I have had a challenging night tonight, Shawn is out with the guys and I am home by myself with the kiddos. I let the kids stay up a little later than the norm tonight, 8:30ish. I read the stories, sang them each their songs and then ... poof... the night just began.
Kenna started crying hysterically about having her surgery. So, we prayed for God's comfort and then she started crying again. She asked me to pray again. It's so nice to hear a child ask for more prayer. So, we prayed. Then, we had to call daddy, she wanted daddy now. Kendyl at this point is running around like a chicken with its head cut off. The puppy decided to chew on Kenna's new shoes and this is all happening at once! I was a little overwhelmed. Shawn suggested letting both of them go to sleep in our bed. Oh boy, the girls were loud! Kenna was tired, she really just needed to sleep.
Kenna finally falls asleep...
Kendyl decides she is going to sleep on the floor. I let her because she is so wound up at this point, she really wouldn't last long on the floor. Kendyl came out of her room and she says she has to go potty (#2). I told her to holler when she is done. I was sitting at the computer and I hear her talking, I asked her if she was done and she yelled back, "No, I am just praying for Kenna's surgery. She has to have her spleen removed!" (if you know Kendyl, she kind of talks with a northeastern accent, it sounded adorable!)
Okay, first thought... Thank you Jesus!
Second... wow... my 3 year old doesn't quite understand Kenna's surgery, but knows to pray about it and she comprehended that she is going to have her spleen removed even though she doesn't know what a spleen is.
Third... Kenna has been hiding her anxiety and it has finally built up and she needs our prayers, a lot more than I thought.
Fourth... Thank you Jesus! Prayer is such a comfort. He is our Comforter! I am just thankful we can turn to God and pray and He does give us peace and comfort when we need it.
It is now 10:02 and Kendyl is still awake... standing in the hallway. ugh!
You may ask where is Kaeden throughout all of this? He was cozy in his bed sleeping!
10:05... I can still hear her!


  1. Oh Sis, you should have called me. I am so sorry that you had such a rough night. I have tears in my eyes thinking about little miss Kenna crying. That's awesome that she asked for more prayers. I wish I could just hold her right now and give her tons of hugs and kisses and make her anxiety go away. I love you all and Kendyl GO TO BED!!!

  2. I love that "late" to you is 8:30. Ally went to bed at 10:30. Totally normal night.

    I will be praying for Kenna tonight. Poor baby girl. How sweet though that they want you to pray for them. I love it.

  3. Oh man! I can totally picture it all! Crazy night. We've been praying for Kenna. How did everything go?

    Have I told how much I love your family?