Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Kenna is my thinker. She definitely is my out of the box kind of girl. This afternoon I was in the house feeding Landon some yogurt and Shawn was playing in the cul de sac with Kaeden and Kenna. I looked out the window and noticed Kennadi carrying the scooter across the front window. I thought to myself, "oh what is she up to?" About 5 minutes later I heard Shawn tell Kenna what a great job she had done and he was going to tell mommy. Kenna is going to start soccer next week , for the first time, but she has been going to Kaeden's practices and games for a couple years now. We didn't have any cones, so Kenna pulled different objects (chairs, scooter, baseball tee,etc.) out of the garage to make her own cones. She was practicing dribbling through "cones" all on her own. It was pretty cute, she was wearing a skirt, tights and nice shoes, so Kenna!

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