Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mom's Birthday

My mom and dad came over tonight to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday. Pat, my brother-in-law and the kids came down to celebrate with us. We had dinner which was really good according to my nephew.

This is how I know:
Uncle Pat whispers to Ty, "Tell Auntie the dinner is really good."
Ty says, "Auntie the dinner is really good."
Auntie (me) replies, "Ty, I am so glad you like the dinner."
Ty responded, "I'm not eating the dinner!"
It was funny! We enjoyed each other. My kids were so excited to get Grammers a pretty bracelet. They couldn't wait until Grammers came over. Happy Birthday Mom!
Kaeden wearing the crown!

WWF anyone?

"Oh my!"

Ty enjoying being a princess!

Tater loves to read books. She will point and say book and then bring the book to you and then you must read for a very long time! We love it!
Mom and Tater Bug!

Kendyl being silly with some crooked glasses or her ear are uneven - who knows?

Being Silly!

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  1. Great pictures, I wish that I was able to join you all! Thanks for loving my kiddos and making dinner.