Sunday, August 23, 2009

We Rejoice

Before her surgery and quite a bit jaundice. After surgery. No more yellow!

We had Kenna's follow up appointment for her splenectomy on Friday. They checked Kennadi's blood count. She has a new base line for everything now - YEAH!!!

With Spleen:

Bili: Range from 11-29
Retic: Range from 8-29
Without Spleen:
Hct: 40.8 (now it's on the high end, no more anemia)
Bili: 2.2
Retic: .9

We are thrilled with the results. The doctors knew her bili levels would decrease, but they weren't sure how much because she was always so high. Kenna is so excited that the whites of her eyes are actually white. Her energy levels have definitely increased, which is good because she will be in all day kindergarten this year.

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  1. I cannot believe her Hct went to 40....that's just plain crazy, and awesome.