Wednesday, August 5, 2009

tennis date

Shawn, Kaeden and I went and played tennis today. Kaeden is so my son at times and other times he is so his daddy. Today he was me. With sports, I like to be able to play them well right away. Tennis is a sport that Kaeden and I are both trying to get better at and it takes a little patience on my part. I understand the strategy involved in the game and I see where I want to place the ball, but my tennis racket and ball don't always coincide with my strategy. It's a little frustrating. But, like I told Kaeden, it takes practice, practice and a little more practice.
Kaeden taking a picture of Shawn. He was out there with the camera trying to get shots of us. I obviously didn't post the one of me because it wasn't good. The picture shot was okay, but the person in it wasn't. Gotta love this boy!

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  1. You guys are always so good at doing family outings. Kaeden is so you when it comes to sports!