Friday, May 29, 2009

Beautiful Day

Waffle Cone anyone?
(see bottom of post for Kenna's splenectomy decision)

The Northwest is a wonderful place to live! Today was in the 80s and we were able to enjoy it. We headed down to Seattle for Kenna's doctor visit with Dr.Waldhousen. The appointment went well. After discussing the pros and cons with having Kenna's spleen removed we decided to have it done on July 6th (as long as she isn't sick or have a cold that day). They will be able to use the same scar areas that they used when she had aher gallbladder removed for two of the scope holes, her belly button and a half inch (or little less) incision to actually get the spleen out. The surgery will take about an hour and half, in the hospital for 2 days and back to normal activities 1 week post surgery.

After the appointment we decided to visit the Seattle waterfront. We pulled Kaeden out of school early this afternoon to go with us. We went to the acquarium, had some fish-n-chips, ice cream, walked around and enjoyed this glorious sunshine!


  1. Oh Kayla.
    I will certainly be lifting this surgery up to Him. July 6th, thats so soon. Oh, wait. VBS. You aren't going to be there are you? That's sad. But a good thing they were able to get you a date right away.

  2. Do I see Kendyl smiling in a picture? What a fun day you all had!