Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prayer Request

Happy almost Friday!

I have a specific prayer request for Kenna and me and Shawn. On Wednesday, I finally spoke with Kenna's hematologist after leaving 3 messages. We spoke for about 15 minutes on whether Kennadi should get her spleen removed this summer. We both agree Kenna's body is doing an amazing job maintaining her Red Blood Cells (RBCs) with the severity of her Hereditary Spherocytosis. Her jaundice levels have definitely increased over the past year. In March she had the flu and her bili level was 29(high), Hct 21 (low), Retic was 29 (high). Her body has to work hard to maintain normal levels or her normal levels. So, Dr. M suggested we meet with Dr. W from Seattle Children's General Surgery to make a decision on removing Kennadi's spleen. Dr. Waldhausen is an amazing doctor who I completely trust, but when you are making a decision for your child, you want it to be the correct one. There is a slight possibility of something to go wrong after having a splenectomy. Kenna would be on antibiotics for 2 years post spleen removal. Dr. M said that adults who were diagnosed in their 20s with Hereditary Spherocytosis and then had their spleen removed, stated their bodies felt so much better. That when they were younger they could always feel something wasn't quite right and after have their spleen was removed they felt so much better. When you have a splenectomy and you get fevers you have to go into the Emergency Room and get labs (not sure on exactly all details, but I will get them tomorrow).

You may be asking why the spleen? (from a medical website:) Removing the spleen does not cure the disease, but it does allow the red blood cells to live longer so that a child no longer becomes anemic during periods of stress or infection and the skin and eyes do not turn yellow. After the spleen is removed, the child is at an increased risk for certain types of infection.

Getting to the prayer request. We are seeking prayer for our decision to have Kennadi's spleen removed this summer or to wait until she is older and has built up her immunities even more. Her spleen is currently enlarged and the doctors can feel it several centimeters below the ribcage. We just want to make the most educated and right decision for our daughter. Thanks for the prayers.

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  1. I will be praying for you guys, that the Lord will give you the answer you need. You are an amazing mom and I know you will make the right choice.