Thursday, May 14, 2009

Officially a Blogger

Okay, so I finally caved and became a blogger. I have been following my sisters blog since she started hers. Kelsey is the witty one between the two of, she is also the crafty one! I was intimidated to start a blog, but I got over it and just said who cares, I will do my best. I have been following different family and friends blogs through Kelsey's blog and then I began to read the Blogs She Follows. My heart just wept over some of the struggles that families are going through. Of course, I am now hooked. I think it is great way to share with family/friends, to give praises to our Lord and Saviour and to seek prayer requests.

Stay tuned for more on the Flynn's...


  1. I'm so glad you finally started one! Blogs are so fun.

  2. KAYLA!!!!
    Ok you were just over here and forgot to mention you started a blog?!!! Important information to pass along to your friend my dear. HA!
    I love it. I knew you'd sink in eventually.
    Love ya