Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Baby

Last night I came home from work and Kendyl was sleeping in our bed. She had her hand tucked under her cheek and she looked so sweet lying there. This is a question for moms who's children are not babies anymore. Do you ever look at your child (not a baby) and catch those glimpses of them when they were a baby? Last night was one of them. I totally could see her as a newborn again, it just brings back so many good memories. This will happen with Kenna and Kaeden at times too. You can never get those baby days back and it is so nice to see them as a baby from time to time. This is the picture that brought it all back for me:

I have to admit, it was 11PM and it was totally dark in the bedroom. It took Shawn and I about 8 minutes to get the flash to finally work and then it did work and it stirred her a little. It was funny, we are easily amused.

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  1. Oh, so sweet of "the neener." I will look at all of the kids and think they are our babies! When I see Kaeden I always think of him when he was a baby...